The University of Edinburgh

My experience of working with Debs has been overwhelmingly positive. Debs was warm and friendly and always supportive in our meetings and that established rapport which made future coaching sessions work easily, even via phone.

The coaching sessions have been invaluable, and an essential part of coping with my first six months in a very challenging new job. We managed to spend a few sessions mapping out some significant pieces of work and also establishing priorities so that I could put a 6-9-month plan together. These were very practical and useful sessions.


The Kids Network, London

Through coaching, encouragement and perfectly placed questions, Debs has allowed me to explore my ideas as the CEO of a charity and set goals which I can measure my success by and realise my progress.

Still lacking confidence after six months of progress, I expressed disappointment to Debs with regard to my goals. She made me put onto paper the month by month successes and I was astonished! So much so I sent these to my newly formed Board of Trustees in celebration. It made me realise the importance of taking stock and acknowledging the journey, not just the end goal.


Durham University

I felt at ease to talk about a variety of issues relating to my job role, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how rapidly this was reflected in my confidence and performance at work. Deborah’s supportive and non-judgemental approach has helped me to become more self-aware, and I have recognised the value of these sessions in my ability to think more strategically about my long-term goals.

After a few sessions it was noted in my appraisal that I seemed to be handling work stress more effectively and working towards my softer targets with a more methodical approach; both of which I attribute to the help and support I have had from Debs over the last few months.